Teaching Philosophy

I believe that engagement with visual culture and the built environment should not be a lofty exercise in how to appreciate high art or become “culturally literate,” but should give students a set of critical methods, vocabulary and competencies that will allow them to draw practical connections between the intellectual world of academia and the realities – and challenges – of life outside of the university. My teaching philosophy centers on the idea that students are best able to forge these connections in a supportive, creative and rigorous classroom environment. I do this through valuing student expertise, encouraging self-driven, multi-model approaches to research, and helping students draw on the right analytical tools to undergird these processes.

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Teaching Experience

As a Lecturer at the University of Washington in the Comparative History of Ideas Program (CHID), I have designed and taught the following courses:

CHID New York City (Study Away Exploration Seminar) website
Neither Here Nor There – Narrating Your Experience Abroad website
Adaptation (team taught with Dr. Amy Peloff) syllabus // website
Vision and Violence syllabus // website
Exploring Home, Identity and Community Through Video Production syllabus
Critical Media Practice and the Production of Everyday Spaces syllabus
The City as Media (CHID Study Abroad Program in Berlin, Germany) syllabus
I have also taught History of Ancient Art online at Edmonds Community College, and Principles of Art History, Writing About Art, and World Architecture at the City College of New York.

Senior Thesis Advisement

In addition to leading the required Senior Thesis Research Seminar for CHID students during the 2015-16 school year, I have served as the primary thesis adviser for the following students:

Cassie Hoeprich (Power in Public Spaces: Berlin, video and text, 2011)
Maggie Hellis (Strangely Familiar, digital photography series, 2012)
Karl Benitez (Something More than Sound, documentary film, 2012)
Alexandra Doyle (travel writing and photography, 2013)
Elke Hautala (Woman as Warriors documentary film, 2013)
Sophia Mehl (The Albany Bulb: A Space for the Urban Wild, text and photography, 2013)
Ryder Richardson (Neither Here Nor There and Tin Canvideo art, 2014)
Adrien LeSure (Errands That Happened to Me, audio narrative, 2014)
Miranda Qassis (Anti-Memorials: The Physical Embodiment of Memory, text, 2015)
Katie Wong (Constructing Sustainability: A Comparative Analysis of the Green Building Industry Policy and Practice in the United States and Germany, 2015)
Ted Shin (Secondnature, techno record label and vinyl release, 2016)
Becca Endrizzi (Who I’ve Become, documentary video series, 2016)

I have also served as a Master’s thesis respondent in the Built Environments program at the University of Washington.